Hen Night Party Photo Booth

Another fun night was had at Liz’s Hens Night on Saturday night. I always enjoy the anticipation of heading to an event and wondering what kind of fun is going to be had in the photo booth.

This night was no exception! Courtney, Liz’s Maid of Honour, had chosen the Enclosed Photo Booth for the evening which was being hosted at her house. A large marquee was set up in the garden, a man-made bar was set up in the alfresco area, and the booth was planned to be set up next to the bar. However, the skies told another story… The clouds were looking grey and heavy and it looked like the heavens were about to open!

The grey looking skies never dampened the festivities though. The bridesmaids-to-be had set an excellent atmosphere and we juggled a few things around and set the booth up inside the house. It worked perfectly! Right between the bar and the kitchen ūüôā

The Enclosed photo booth is great for the occasions where you think there might be one or two shy people amongst your group. This is what the maid of honour thought too, and it proved to be a great choice for this Hens party. I don’t think there was one person at the party who never went in the booth and went a little bit crazy. It was such a hit, that they decided to add an extra hour to their hire.

Also included on the night was the roaming photography package. I’d love to share these with you too, but as it was a Hens party, I might just need to hold off on that for a short while (if you know what I mean?). ¬†Just in the process of clearing this with the bridesmaids and bride-to-be until I share a tasteful selection of the roaming photographs. As much as I thought¬†that I should have felt a little bit out of place at the Hens party, it all worked out to be an excellent night helped by a great group of young woman who truly knew how to enjoy themselves.

Thanks for hiring barrel of Laughs Photo Booths and I’ll hopefully see you at another event soon!

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Images from the Barrel of Laughs Photo Booth taken during Liz's Hen night party, hosted at Courtney's house....

Posted by Barrel of Laughs Photobooths on Wednesday, 23 March 2016